Monday, April 25, 2005


The girls in this household are greatly alike.
We both are very small...but curvey.
We both have brown eyes.
We both bite our nails.
We are both pretty vocal.
We both get excited when the phone rings.

But then again:
only one of us chews on electrical cords.
only one of us chases laser lights around.
only one of us uses a litter box.
one of us wants to eat spiders, the other runs from them.

Ahh, maybe NOT so much alike afterall.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Scared Straight

Since day 1, Lil Meg has had to curl up on my pillow every night with me and nest in my hair. It's just what she does.
A while ago, I got a hair straightener and things changed.
I noticed that on the days that I used the straightener, she would sleep out in her kitty condo. (and believe me, Jack took full advantage of this...all the more room for HIM on the bed.)
I went back to curling my hair and BOOM...she was back nesting.
Have you ever heard of such a thing? Cats with a preference for curly hair? Maybe it's more bouncy and soft to sleep in when curly? It's a mystery.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bad Kittys! Bad, Bad Kittys!

I thought cats were supposed to be on their worst behavior when they were kittens.
Not the case for our little bundles of fur.
Meg & Jack are both over a year old now and they are getting into more trouble, more often than before.

Jack now loves to scratch on the bathroom door non-stop, just so he can make a break inside and try to scrouch up hair scrunchies to chew on.

Meg is trying out for the Kitty Olympic Nose Bowl Pushing Team. She may have a shot at the gold.

Now for the fun one...
Dan has kept a shoebox full of their toys in a cupboard above the fridge for a long time now and they just recently figured out that they can both get on top of the fridge and get SOME of these toys down by themselves. Of course, when they do this, everything else around them on the fridge comes crashing down....but hey, they got their stuffed butterfly on a stick toy...that's all that counts, right?