Monday, December 20, 2004


Mew! Jack here.
I just had to come and tell everyone about the 'evil plan', me and my sister have been executing.
Our mom is a light sleeper and we like to take FULL advantage of that and torture her.
First of all, our daddy is now working nights, so at night now, there is this huge bed with just our little mom sleeping in it. You would think that would make us happy, you know, with all the extra room and all, right? Nah.
We have like 75/80% of the bed left to our disposal at night now, but you know where me and Meg sleep??? On mommys pillow. Not on our daddys empty pillow. Not on the rest of the empty bed. We plop our furry asses right down on moms pillow and move around until moms head is resting pillowless on the bed & we can claim said pillow in the name of kitties everywhere. No pillow for mom.
Not only do we steal her pillow, we have proclaimed 5am as 'Lets Attack eachother on moms head' time. It's great. Mom will be asleep, or as asleep as she gets these days...then BAM! Let the biting and clawing commence.
I will admit, it's usually ME who starts this game, since Meg is still a bit tired at this hour. Not me though. Hell no! I am at my rowdiest in the early morning hours. (Rowdy..hehe, isn't that the stuffed dogs name on Scrubs?) Anyway......Meg usually wakes right up and plays along. It's such a gas! Mom gets soooo ticked off at us..but we know that we have powers over her. She tries to kick us out of the room at this point, but that doesn't work. She shuts the door with us on the wrong side and that just isn't acceptable. I start scratching on the door like I am tunneling for freedom. I will do this for hours on end if I have to. It's that important for me that my mom to not get any sleep.
Daddy has a few days off right now, so we didn't have the bed to ourselves last night, but that didn't stop us. We let our poor tired daddy sleep peacefully, while still annoying the bejesus out of our mom. That takes talent.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Trip To The Vet

Whew. Glad THAT's overwith! I have had kitties all my life, and have never had this big of a problem getting said kitties in their carriers. It was a workout. For all involved.
Meg wasn't too difficult. Her curiosity got the better of her as soon as I opened the door to the carrier, and walked inside it herself.
Jack on the otherhand is a lot more pessimistic when it comes to these contraptions. As soon as he saw the carrier, he headed for the hills.
It took a good 10 minutes of chasing him around to finally get him in the carrier and get the carrier closed.
And I'll be the car, the little Jackster learned how to a REAL cat. Not that sissy MEW grunt that he usually does, that me and Dan both find so endearing. This was a full blown 'Get me the hell outta here, or someone is going to pay' Meow.
The Vets office that we go to has 2 exam rooms. One for puppies and one for kitties. So, of course we were hussled into the kitten room. (Which was where I also saw Calli for the last time. I am telling you, every time I have to go back in that room, it's horrible. Bad bad memories.) But, I digress.
Meg was the first one out of the cage. She is such a good little girl. She was pretty friendly to the tech. and was happy to just roam around the room and rub on everything she saw and even found a pen to play with. While Jack was still cowering in the back of the carrier, looking like he thought armageddon was on it's way. Poor guy.
Both exams went off without a hitch. Both are healthy and happy little monkeys. Well, at least happy now that we are all home safe and sound.
Jack weighed less than I though. 11 lbs. (He sure as hell SEEMS bigger than that, and according to OUR scale, he IS bigger.)
Meg weighed more than I thought 8.7 lbs.
They are both now officially supposed to start on CAT food and not KITTEN food. Does that seem right? I always thought they were supposed to be on kitten food until they were a year old.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Anxious Kitty Cat

Given the fact that Jack is the cat that always hides when someone comes over, or even walks by outside, I just assumed that out of the 2 of them, HE was the anxious, up tight one.
I was wrong.
The more I am thinking about it, the more I am realizing what a needy little girl, my little Meggers is. She isn't happy being alone. Not happy at all. She has turned into a little monster cat of need.
Her NEW trick is, when she sees you put your shoes on, or grab your keys...she blocks the door. Apparently she thinks all 7/8 pounds of her can stop me & Dan from leaving & the door from opening. (I never said she was the brightest kitty)
It's SOO hard to leave when you know how very very much she doesn't want you to go.
And when we get home, she is the first one there to greet us too. Or is that the first one to YELL at us upon our arrival? (Where as Jack is too sound asleep to give a crap..unless he hears his food container being opened.)
If me or Dan are sitting down, you can be sure to find her on our lap. She CAN'T sleep if she isn't near someone.
I hate to give in to this type of behavior, but dammit, she's cute. I am thinking of trying to find a 'work from home' job. EVERYONE would be happy then.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shh, I am not supposed to be in here.

Hello, to anyone bored enough to be reading this.
This is Meg. You know, the cute one.
My Daddy (heart flutter) went and picked up some really really adorable pictures of me and my brother today, but my mom is kinda dense, and she can't get the pics to upload onto here at the moment. I think she had to get up and go in the other room before she threw this silly computer (that she spends entirely too damn much time on, btw) out the window, which can't happen because then my brother would be hiding under the bed for the next few hours (Candyass!) and,'s almost play time.

Anyway,Mom thinks I am in the bedroom curled up on our nice new sheets that I got today, but I couldn't stand sitting there watching my brother lick his ass for another second. BOYS!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Proud of my little girl!

Last night we had some friends over w/ their 2 year old. I was a little scared about this because of Megs tendancy to let the claws fly. I am so proud of her because she was just the perfect little kitty. She followed the little toddler around and played w/ her without being rough and rubbed on her. It was the coolest thing. I was so proud of her.

Meanwhile..Jack hid under the blanket on the bed the whole time our company was here. I don't know WHAT is wrong with that boy.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

He went and did it...

The kittens are only 8/9 months old and they are now offically on their 'second' kitty condo. I admit that their first one was pretty torn to shreds but they still seemed to enjoy playing in it.

Dan called me at work yesterday and told me that he had gone out and bought a new one..a bigger one. This one has 3 little tube/hole thingys and then a little platform on the top. (Which is now, Megs perch) Oh, and speaking of Meg, when I asked Dan why he went out and spent that kind of money..he told me 'Meg made me do it. She has been telling me she wants a new condo for some time now.' Yeah, likely story. That little kitty sure has Dan snowed. SUCKER!

I can already see bad things happening w/ this one though. It's much taller so, the cats can see the top of the counter from the platform. Which is where Dan leaves their toy mice...on the counter. I can already see the wheels turning in Jacks head on how to get from the condo to the counter. It's only a matter of time folks.

Monday, November 22, 2004

What is this about anyway?!

Ok. I have another blog called 'Try Whistling This'. In it, I realized I was talking so much about my cats that I should just go ahead and start one JUST for THEM to keep track of their goofiness and goings ons.

If you read 'Get Fuzzy' at all, you will know where I got the title of this blog.

I am not sure exactly how or even IF this blog will shape itself. That, we will all have to wait w/ baited breath to see.

So..let's start w/ some pics.

Calli. And Yes, this is how I remember him. I can't tell you how cute I always thought it was when he would sleep with this little tongue sticking out like that. Sometimes I think he just did it, because he knew I thought it was cute. Calli died at 18 years of age this past March. But this is still how I want to remember him. Cuddled, warm & Happy.

This is Meg. After Calli died, the house was just TOO quiet without kitties around. So we went out and found this little hellion. She is little..but has big claws. If ya know what I mean. OW!

And last but not least, here is Jack. Meg needed a partner in crime. We thought Jack would fill that roll. Too bad he is such a pansy cat. Being 12 lbs already at only 8 months old, you would think that he would have a little more of an attitude. Nope. He goes and hides if he hears the slightest noise out of the ordinary. Poor thing..gotta love him though. I guess he needed us as his protectors. I am honored to have the job.