Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shh, I am not supposed to be in here.

Hello, to anyone bored enough to be reading this.
This is Meg. You know, the cute one.
My Daddy (heart flutter) went and picked up some really really adorable pictures of me and my brother today, but my mom is kinda dense, and she can't get the pics to upload onto here at the moment. I think she had to get up and go in the other room before she threw this silly computer (that she spends entirely too damn much time on, btw) out the window, which can't happen because then my brother would be hiding under the bed for the next few hours (Candyass!) and,'s almost play time.

Anyway,Mom thinks I am in the bedroom curled up on our nice new sheets that I got today, but I couldn't stand sitting there watching my brother lick his ass for another second. BOYS!!!


Ollie said...

Hehehe, hey Meggers, this is Mojo on Mom's computer. A word of advice, the top of the monitor is THE BEST place for a bath. Pisses Mom off too.

-Mojo, the bad monkey-cat

Tiff said...

Thanks for the mom has a flat screen though,so I think I would have to lose a bit of weight before I could do THAT. I will admit though, I DO have fun trying to put big Meg Scratch marks in the screen. That damn cursor moving around, I find very intriguing.

Michelle said...

How funny! I have three cats of my own and love what you write!