Monday, December 12, 2005

I found the best pillow....



Friday, December 02, 2005

Damn brothers!

So, the other morning, I was minding my own damn business, not doing much of anything when out of the blue, my brother, Jack just jumped on me and tried to literally bite my little head off. I swear that boy has ADD. He didn't just do this once...oh no....try about half a million times.
I finally had had enough and just growled at him and hid under my parents bookshelf.
Growling didn't stop him though. I growled and growled and it only seemed to provoke him more. (My mom said that the whole scenario reminded her a lot of HER brothers.) Finally my mom intervened and set me in her lap so she could protect me. (She IS good for something, I guess.)
Well, this morning Jack found an even more annoying way to antagonize me.
I was trying to do I say this....use my litterbox, when I see Jack come in, jump on the hood of our litterbox and start smacking me from on top.
Did you hear me? He started smacking me while I was trying to take a crap.