Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Weekend Kitty Conversation

Jack: 'Hey, Meg'

Meg: 'What, buttwad?'

Jack: 'Did you hear the new name momsie has for me?'

Meg: 'Oh, is she calling you buttwad now, too?'

Jack: 'As if! My new name is 'Superbaby'!

Meg: 'Where did she come up with that crap?'

Jack: 'You're just jealous....Walnuthead!' *snicker*

Meg: 'Only Daddy can call me that...shut up!'

Jack: 'Daddy loves me more anyway...he only comes home from work to play with ME, ya know.'

Meg: 'He does not. He loves me more, he takes me out on the balcony to enjoy the sun!'

Jack: 'SO! He buys me toys all the time!'

Meg: 'And who plays with those toys?! ME!'

Jack: 'Only because you are a toy hog!'

Meg: 'Call me what you want, momsie loves me more, too. She lets me sleep on her head.'

Jack: 'Mommy calls me Superbaby.....and doesn't even yell at me when I steal her ponytails holders....and tells me I have the most cutest cheeks in the universe.'

Meg: 'Yeah, well. I am her girlbaby...and she says I am the cutest thing in the world when I scream at her when she tries to leave. Oh...and she eats it up that I sit and watch her get ready in the morning, and then purr when she brushes me when she is done.'

Jack: ' can't compete with my fattness.'

Meg: 'Oh yeah? What about my pouch. Mommy likes my tummy's cute.'

Jack: 'A pouch isn't anything compared to my fattitude....'