Monday, July 14, 2008

No Sleep..Who cares?

Jack: Meg, you really need to be a little more considerate. Mommy hasn't been able to sleep the past few nights,and yet you still have to lie on her head at night, so she can't move.

Meg: Are you for real with this crap? Seriously, dude. It ain't my problem that she can't sleep. If anything, she sleeps better with me on her head.

Jack: Meg..come on now. Be nice to mommy.

Meg: Jack, zip it! After all, you are the one that goes all gooey and gives momsie kitty kisses when she can't sleep at night, and then proceed to try to play with me at 4am (while I am still on her head btw)so don't tell me I can't sleep on her head.

Jack: Yeah, well, you don't have to growl at me when I am just trying to play. Geezaloo!

Meg: Yes, I do. Or you will annoy me to no end.

Jack: Well, your growling at night annoys mommy.

Meg: No, your jumping on me at night annoys her & me.

Jack: *sigh*

Saturday, July 05, 2008

So NOT Cool!

What the hell is wrong with people? Last night, I was having a nice evening. My brother 'bean had gone to bed, so I had time to just chill in my mommys lap and nap.
Then...out of the blue..BAM! BAM! BAM! KerBlooey! Pow!
It went on and on!
I am embarressed to say that I was the first one to run and hide under the bed.
Jack soon followed though.
My mommy said it was something called Fireworks,and tried to comfort me.
Yeah, it didn't work.
Why would people do something like that that scares even the bravest of kitty cats like that? WHY?
I couldn't even bring myself to come out from under the bed until morning light.
I think it was the first time ever that I didn't sleep in my mommys hair. (or at least in close proximity to it)
Stop it people. Seriously. Stop it!

~The Meg