Monday, December 06, 2004

Anxious Kitty Cat

Given the fact that Jack is the cat that always hides when someone comes over, or even walks by outside, I just assumed that out of the 2 of them, HE was the anxious, up tight one.
I was wrong.
The more I am thinking about it, the more I am realizing what a needy little girl, my little Meggers is. She isn't happy being alone. Not happy at all. She has turned into a little monster cat of need.
Her NEW trick is, when she sees you put your shoes on, or grab your keys...she blocks the door. Apparently she thinks all 7/8 pounds of her can stop me & Dan from leaving & the door from opening. (I never said she was the brightest kitty)
It's SOO hard to leave when you know how very very much she doesn't want you to go.
And when we get home, she is the first one there to greet us too. Or is that the first one to YELL at us upon our arrival? (Where as Jack is too sound asleep to give a crap..unless he hears his food container being opened.)
If me or Dan are sitting down, you can be sure to find her on our lap. She CAN'T sleep if she isn't near someone.
I hate to give in to this type of behavior, but dammit, she's cute. I am thinking of trying to find a 'work from home' job. EVERYONE would be happy then.


Ollie said...

Ok, here I go sounding like a kitty-mommy nutcase, but the most rewarding thing about when I was working from home was being at home with my kitties. They so very much loved it, which made me very happy too.