Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Trip To The Vet

Whew. Glad THAT's overwith! I have had kitties all my life, and have never had this big of a problem getting said kitties in their carriers. It was a workout. For all involved.
Meg wasn't too difficult. Her curiosity got the better of her as soon as I opened the door to the carrier, and walked inside it herself.
Jack on the otherhand is a lot more pessimistic when it comes to these contraptions. As soon as he saw the carrier, he headed for the hills.
It took a good 10 minutes of chasing him around to finally get him in the carrier and get the carrier closed.
And I'll be the car, the little Jackster learned how to a REAL cat. Not that sissy MEW grunt that he usually does, that me and Dan both find so endearing. This was a full blown 'Get me the hell outta here, or someone is going to pay' Meow.
The Vets office that we go to has 2 exam rooms. One for puppies and one for kitties. So, of course we were hussled into the kitten room. (Which was where I also saw Calli for the last time. I am telling you, every time I have to go back in that room, it's horrible. Bad bad memories.) But, I digress.
Meg was the first one out of the cage. She is such a good little girl. She was pretty friendly to the tech. and was happy to just roam around the room and rub on everything she saw and even found a pen to play with. While Jack was still cowering in the back of the carrier, looking like he thought armageddon was on it's way. Poor guy.
Both exams went off without a hitch. Both are healthy and happy little monkeys. Well, at least happy now that we are all home safe and sound.
Jack weighed less than I though. 11 lbs. (He sure as hell SEEMS bigger than that, and according to OUR scale, he IS bigger.)
Meg weighed more than I thought 8.7 lbs.
They are both now officially supposed to start on CAT food and not KITTEN food. Does that seem right? I always thought they were supposed to be on kitten food until they were a year old.


Ollie said...

That's odd, I thought it was a year too. Hmmm... Of course, Nixon thinks the rule is "kitten food the entire lifetime of said cat," but she's wrong.

I am glad the kiddos are healthy.