Monday, May 02, 2005

The First Step is admitting you have a problem. *Updated*

My name is Jack, and I am a Playaholic.
A lot of kitties like to play. It's natural. But, I think I have a problem.
Day, Night, it doesn't matter. I need to play. While my little sister is sleeping, I attack her. While my mom is sleeping...I attack her. While my dad is sleeping..I attack my mom again. I just can't help myself.

Oh, and the poor poor toy mice I have tortured. They didn't ask for that type of treatment. Drowned in waterbowls. Asses ripped off. Guts pulled out. I have done it all. I need help.

I have now found even MORE ways to get into trouble.
Unfortunately, I got caught.
My daddy walked in on me last night while I was trying to knock the picture of my sister down off the wall in the middle of the night.
Then, my mom noticed this morning that I had been into their cd rack during the night also. Now, I just have to figure out how to turn the stereo on......


Ollie said...

Hi Jack!

My name is Lola and I am a playaholic too. I even play with envelopes, coasters and specks of dust in the air.

I am glad you are admitting it. That's the first step to recovery.