Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What are YOU lookin' at?

I don't know WHY my mom keeps laughing at this picture. Aren't I cute? (Notice my little sister in the 'tube')


Sunday, January 08, 2006

And they say I am the clumsy one.

My parents are always saying that my brother, Jack is the graceful one and I am a little spaz. can believe that? The nerve!
Anyway, this evening while my daddy and Jack were playing, Jack was doing his usual somersaults and jumping around, when he jumped in the air to catch his mouse and umm....came down head first on the floor. SMACK! The damn fool just kept on playing too, like nothing happened. I would've been so embarressed that you wouldn't have been able to pry me out of hiding for days.
A lot of things are acceptable for kittys these days, but landing smack dab on your head isn't one of them.
Now, I have dome some silly things in my time, but nothing that could leave me paralyzed.

~Meg (The sane one)