Saturday, January 01, 2005


My daddy is missing. He hasn't been home in 3 days now. I just don't know what to do with myself without him here. Whose lap will I sit on? Who will play hide and seek with me? Who will make me dance for my treats?? WHO?
Where could he have gone? Did I do something to make him mad at me?
My poor brother is devastated. Mom doesn't know how to play with his mouse on a string toy like daddy does. It's just not the same.
I sure hope that daddy comes home soon. Mom has been gone almost all day everyday and we are just kittens. We can't be left alone that long. Someone will call protective services.
I guess it's a good thing that our friends sent us some cool Barbie toys for Christmas. They have been keeping us pretty entertained. I think we even got the ass coming off of one of them already. Those suckers are took us a while, but that ass is finally unraveling.
Please..if anyone has seen our daddy, tell him to come home.


Ollie said...

Barbies can bring you through anything. I firmly believe that. Play like the wind Meg!!!

-Tweaker (the smart one)

P.S. I am channeling my thoughts on a safe trip home for your Daddy.

Tiff said...

The ass has been officially ripped off of the Barbie Mice. Thanks again! ;)