Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Voices...oh, the voices!!!!

My mommy and daddy were gone much of the day yesterday. Me and my sister just sat around...we played, I bit her butt, she smacked me across the know, same old, same old.
When they finally got home around 7:30pm, they had a few bags with them. I figured it was probably toys for us, or even better, FOOD for us.
I was wrong.
They took this metal looking thing out of one of the boxes in the bags.
They took it into the bathroom....
Apparently, they had somehow snuck a person into the house..and then the bathroom inside this little metal thingy. (How do they do THAT?)
They tricked me. They KNOW that I don't like people coming into my house, it scares me. So, of course as soon as I heard this new 'voice' coming from the bathroom, I hid under the blankets in the bedroom. I was petrified.
Soon after, my mommy made the 'voice' stop and she came and tried to pry me out from under the blankets. That was no easy feat.
She was trying to soothe me by saying that there wasn't really another person in the was something called a 'cd player' that was making it sound like another person was here. CD player?! She couldn't fool me..I knew she was lying. She always tells me crap like that to get me to come out of hiding. But she dragged me crying and scratching into the bathroom..and sure enough, I didn't see anymore humans than were supposed to be in the house.
People are so damn odd! Machines that sound like people talking? What will they come up with next...a machine where you can SEE people too?! Geez!


Ollie said...

Hehehehe, sorry guys. I don't mean to laugh at your pain, but that's funny as hell.

suz said...

That IS funny. But I'll tell you what's not.... When my mommy puts dogs inside that big box that talks and I can't touch them and they can't hear me talking to them. I want to run around in a circle with a big fat lady in orange panty hose and have someone feel me up and give me a treat too!
Love Lottie Jane