Friday, July 07, 2006


Can you believe it....our mom is still playing with us...constantly. Me and my little sister and totally digging it, too. I have even started to do my 'I want to play NOW, dammit, so break out the friggin' toys' whiney cry for her....and she listens. We are 2 fat, happy little kitty cats these days.

Speaking of my sister, she started doing the 'Jack is killing me...please make him stop' scream to our parents whenever I would even look at her...and I think mom and dad finally cought onto the fact that I wasn't even near her. Meg just wants to see me get into trouble. (Damn sisters!) I got her back though.
Shall I tell the story?
My mom and dad keep the bathroom door shut at all times because they know that I can't control my urges to get in there and open every cupboard in sight to investigate. They say there are things in there called medicines that aren't good for kitty cats. Phhmmt. Whatever. Anyway....
My sister can't figure out how to open the cupboards, but she does LOVE hiding out in the big cupboard in the bathroom and sneaks inside it whenever possible. The other day, she snuck in and mommy locked her in there by accident. I knew she was locked in there. You know what I did?? Not a damn thing. I let her little walnuthead stay locked in there. I could've opened the cupboard and let her out, being as mom had somehow left the bathroom door open, so I had full access. I heard her scratching on the door to get out and everything. I chose to walk away and wash my paws of the whole thing. Serves her right.



Victor Tabbycat said...

That's funny. Not furry nice, but funny. I fink Bonnie would do that to me, too. But I'm the cabinet master here.

DrabCats said...

You go, Jack!! Us boys gotta stick together against those dumb girls.