Friday, July 28, 2006

Meg, Jack and the Holy Grail...and when I say Grail..

...I mean playtime.

There were once two cats. They were brother and sister and lived with their mom & dad. One cat, Meg, was black. One cat, Jack, was orange. They lived a good, happy life.

The problem was that their daddy worked a lot. This made them sad, because it meant that they didn't get in as much 'playtime' as they would like. Meg & Jack, one day sat down and tried to come up with a plan to make their daddy stay home and play with them. They thought and they thought for hours. They could come up with nothing. They thought they had already tried everything conceivable. They tried being extra cute. They tried blocking doorways. They tried playing by themselves. (Clearly not as fun.) They tried hiding keys. (Ok, they THOUGHT of hiding keys, but the fact that they didn't have opposible thumbs, stopped them from carrying out this fine idea.)

Then one day, Meg had an idea.
Meg: 'Why don't we just ASK daddy to stay and play with us?'
Jack: 'Yes. Yes! That is a great idea, Meg. I mean, WHO could deny these cheeks?!' *Pointing to his own puffy little cheeks*
Meg: 'How should we ask him?'
Jack: 'I am not sure yet.'
Meg: ' about..."Bring out your dead..mice. Bring out your dead....mice!"'
Jack: 'Meg, that is just plain dumb. Our mice are already OUT. D'er!'

They decided they would ask their mom what she thought would be the best way to ask.

Mom: 'Guys. Daddy is very very tired when he gets home from work. He loves you, but he needs to sleep.'
Jack: 'Yeah, and WE need to play. Suck that! You're no help!'
Mom: 'Maybe bring him a gift?? A pepper plant maybe? You know how he loves peppers.'
Meg: 'Bring him a shrubbery?'
Mom: 'I a sense....'
Meg & Jack: 'Nah. We will just whine.'

The next morning, when their daddy got home, they jumped into action.
They danced circles around their daddy, wanting his attention. Meg followed daddy around and rubbed on walls. Jack had another plan.

Jack: 'Na!'
...a few seconds pass.
Jack: 'Na!'
...a few more seconds pass.
Jack: 'Na!'
Daddy: 'Don't you mean NI?'
Jack: 'Oh, for crying out loud. I am a cat, how damn picky can you be about my vocabulary? Na!'
Daddy: 'Do you want to play, Jack?'
Jack: 'Na!'
Mom: 'I think that means, hell yeah!'
Jack: 'Na!'
Daddy: 'Ok, Jack. We will play.'

The moral of the story?
To all you kittys out there who want to play....
Just become a Cat who says NA.


DrabCats said...

...and you only said the forbidden word ONCE!!

*kitty cat toes applauding*

-The whole gang (DrabCats 7)