Thursday, August 10, 2006

An Open Letter to our Mom

Mom. You are a ho. Yeah. You heard us correctly...a big ho.
Mom, don't think we don't smell the other cats on your when you come home from work....or go out to get the mail....or go to the store. We aren't stupid.
We notice the gang of cats hanging outside our place day and night.
How dare you go outside and pet these random cats and then come home and expect to pet US, too. EW. Do you really think we want their cooties?

And you wonder why we like our Daddy more. He knows how to keep his hands to the other kitty cats. While you on the other hand, run outside in the middle of the night in your pajamas to stop kitty cat fights. These fights are none of your concern, mom. You know WE aren't involved in them, so you should keep your ass inside with YOUR baby cats, and mind your own damn business.

Meg & Jack

A PS From Meg: And mom, I know 'Peachy' is my boyfriend and all....but we aren't married yet, so you don't have to go acting like his mother-in-law already. Geez.


THE ZOO said...

wes tagged you for the tag game wes playing. you can go to our site to see how its played

DrabCats said...

Hehehehehehe, Ho Mom.

Meg & Jack--be grateful your Mom isn't bringing them home! Imagine my surprise when it went from being just Tweaker, Effie and I to SEVEN of us kitties in this house. Talk about a ho.